What We Do

Happy Yoga teachers are highly intuitive healers. We are not devoted to one way of practicing. Instead, we bring a variety of modalities, knowledge, and skill sets to each session, creating a customized practice that will align you with your true self!



Sessions are typically 60 minutes (or 75 for those seeking a longer savasana or meditation ;) and may include:

Asana - the physical practice of yoga

Pranayama - breathing exercises used to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind

Meditation - another tool to quiet the hamster wheel of chatter and achieve mental clarity

Savasana - deep relaxation rewarding you for all of your efforts, rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul

Massage - what better way to conclude your session then with a little shoulder, neck, and face TLC!


Private Packages

Warrior I (once a week; ~3 month commitment)

For the busy practitioner who wants to supplement their week with some “me” time

Warrior II (twice a week; ~3 month commitment)

This package is also for the busy practitioner who is looking for a deeper connection, more grounding, more flexibility mentally and physically, and would like to see results more quickly!

Warrior III (twice a week; ~6 month commitment)

If you’re committed and truly want to see changes beyond the physical then this package is for you. This is a game changer!


Corporate Packages

Happy Hour I (10 sessions @ 60 mins)

Happy Hour II (20 sessions @ 60 mins)