You can practice yoga just about anywhere. That’s the beauty of it. Essentially all you need is a mat and you! Our instructors will happily meet with you in your home, office, home gym, roof deck, by the pool, on an island, wherever you’re most comfortable!

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Roll out of bed, brew a cup of joe (or matcha ;) and a Happy Yoga instructor will greet you with a smile, prepared with a customized practice to uplift you for the day!

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Your Workspace

What better way to break up your day and refuel in order to avoid that afternoon slump than with yoga and meditation at your workspace?

A Happy Yoga instructor will come to your workplace and lead a session that can be performed at your desk or in a designated area. A minimum of four people and one hour is preferred but we understand the value of time and can work with you to build a plan that suits your needs.

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If it’s a beautiful day Happy Yoga instructors can meet in the park, on your roof deck, by the pool. There’s nothing more grounding than practicing amongst the elements to feel complete and filled up to full.