Who Are You?

Are you looking to supplement your workouts and become more flexible? Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of your mind all day long? Do you feel disconnected from your body? Do you crave more self care in your life but don’t know where to begin or how to fit it in to your already packed schedule? Meet the people who can help!

Who Are We?

We are parents, daughters, sons, brothers, and sisters, friends, teachers, students, and survivors. We ride the roller coaster of life and have done the deeper work, continually working on ourselves; shedding unwanted energy, programming, and filling ourselves up to full with all of the goodness life has to offer. With all of that we are here to be of service for you on your journey!

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Martine, Founder

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Birthdate: March 16th


200 hour RYT Dharma Yoga

108 hour Anatomy Studies for Yoga Instructors with Jason Ray Brown

85 hour Pre/Postnatal Certification with Prenatal Yoga Center

ACE Certified

Mat Pilates beginner through advanced certifications with Power Pilates

Favorite Pose: I have so many! Right now it’s handstand (Adho Muka Vrksasana) as I am still trying to master it away from the wall

Least Favorite Pose: Lately, Pigeon (Kapotasana)

Interests outside of yoga: Playing and snuggling with my baby boy Cillian, dates with my husband Dan, just being with my family, necessary girls’ nights, working out, eating and cooking fresh vegetarian meals, traveling anywhere, random road trips, being on or near the ocean, reading, seeing live music and theatre

About me: I discovered yoga my freshman year of college but REALLY discovered it when I first moved to LA in my early 20s. I used to leave when it came time for Savasana but soon discovered what I was missing by doing that. Yoga became a healing modality for me, it worked on me in so many ways healing me emotionally, mentally, and physically. There is nothing like walking out of a yoga and feeling unattached and in bliss (and I mean unattached in the most positive way) and that is what I would love for everyone to experience, because it was life changing for me and I have watched it work on so many others in the same way.


If you're interested in becoming a Happy Yoga instructor, please email us at hello@happyyoga.com